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Four simple steps to book your summer GSP vacation online

5 Apr 2017
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Go ahead and do it. You’re dreaming about your summertime, toes-in-the-sand vacation, aren’t you? Go ahead and book it! It’s so easy to do online, you’ll be ready to pack your bags in no time.

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You know where the Gulf Shores Plantation website is, right? You can get started right there on the main page.

1.     Choose your dates and unit size – Use the form provided to choose your dates and how many bedrooms you’ll need. From our cozy sun suites to cottages for the whole crew, we’ve got options for you.

2.     Choose your condo or cottage – All the possibilities are listed for you. From here, you can choose the location that works best for you. You can even choose the décor you prefer, because we show you pictures of every option.

3.     Book online – Click the Book Now button. That’s easy!

4.     Complete the agreement – You know there will be some details. After filling in the blanks, submit your agreement and you’re all set. You’ll get a confirmation email and we’ll be waiting for you with a smile when you arrive.

You’re done! All that’s left to do now is to anticipate the fun, then hit the road! You’ll want to wander around our website, choose the resort amenities you want to enjoy, and check out all there is to see and do in the area. And don’t forget to check our Calendar of Events.

Why wait any longer? You know you want to be here, and the process is so easy. Book your summer GSP vacation now.