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Four reasons to take a dolphin cruise during your GSP vacation

10 Apr 2017
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If you’ve ever taken a dolphin cruise, you know the magical feeling of seeing these amazing creatures in the wild. If you haven’t, there are lots of reasons you’ll want to add a cruise to your next Gulf Shores Plantation visit. We’re sharing our top four, below.

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Learn about dolphins – Bottlenose dolphins are such amazing creatures! These resident marine mammals are familiar to local cruise operators. The crews love sharing their wealth of knowledge about the dolphins, from the scientific facts to the personalities that shine through.

Learn about the waters and other marine life – There’s so much more to see and explore while you’re in search of dolphins. The knowledgeable captain and crew can share much about not only our beloved marine mammals, but also other marine creatures, birds, coastal weather patterns and much more.

Time on the water – A dolphin cruise is an easy way to get out on the water. You just board, then leave the navigating and all the other chores to the crew. (You’ll want to tip them for the work when you return.) Being on the water gives you a different perspective of this island destination and provides a relaxing way to spend time here. 

Time together – This is a family activity that’s accessible to everyone. From life jackets and railings to convenient ramps and helpful crew members, everyone can be comfortable and have a good time.

When making your Plantation reservations for your next getaway, check out our list of responsible dolphin cruise operators. A dolphin cruise is an outstanding family activity that will send you home with memories for a lifetime.